As a result of COVID and in an attempt to be even better, we have REIMAGINED + REINVENTED how we maintain a service we are very passionate about. How will you choose to walk beside us? By now, you know we like to get creative. Please complete the following survey to help us appropriately plan for our exciting next steps.

Upon reserving your spot, we will work to make the appropriate adjustments to your account, effective 10/1/2020. We will reach out with any additional questions and any final details, as necessary.

We truly appreciate your love, support and trust through this process. After all, we couldn’t do what we love without you, and we wouldn't make these amazing changes if we didn't think you'd be getting EVEN MORE out of what we're offering. Thank you for taking the time to complete this information and stay tuned for what may be our best move yet!

During the time in which we are virtual, we are allowing you to choose from one of the virtual/online memberships. If you have questions on the features proposed, please see the features on the classes + memberships page.

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We are working diligently to identify how we can bring an in-studio experience back to you in a safe manner. Before we do so, it is very important that you provide us with the following information so that we may appropriately plan. 

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